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Estate Sales Grand Junction CO

7 More Reasons to go with Reliable Estate Sales in Grand Junction Colorado !!

Reliable Estate Sales in Grand Junction Colorado is the only ASEL (American Society of Estate Liquidators) Accredited Estate Liquidator with the ASEL Service Excellence Award in Colorado and eastern Utah. We are a FULL TIME service, home base is located in the Redlands of beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado.

We have solutions for every situation!

1. Executive Estates Sales Whether your home is the Redlands, North Grand Junction, Aspen or Vail; we have the tools, time and marketing intelligence to get the most for your unique and higher end items including vehicles, RVs & equipment.

2. Complete Estate Evaluations and Appraisals (court ordered or tax reasons).

3. Estate Liquidation Our Very Popular Buyout / Cleanout Option This service we first offered in 2009 and Reliable Estate Sales Service still continues to be the only liquidation company on the Western Slope who has performed this valuable and convenient service.  We have many references which reflect our honest and fair evaluations. Call Mark today about the details.

4. We conduct estate sales on Fridays and Saturdays. Our dynamic one day estate sales are usually on Saturdays. We never conduct estate sales on Sundays. We are a full time insured accredited company and we need a day for rest and family.

Most companies who conduct estate sales on Saturdays and Sundays are part time and have full time jobs during the week. This is our full time business and we can concentrate on the setup, marketing and conducting the estate sale without other job distractions.

5. Pre-sale BUY IT NOW ON WEBSITE OPTION This is a great tool to sell larger and higher enditems, including vehicles and equipment before your estate sale

6. Farm and Ranch Sales It takes experience and helps to have a background in farming and the automotive industry to conduct large farm and ranch estate sales. We have the trucks, trailers and a John Deere 1250 tractor for staging and moving vehicles / equipment and implements. A lot of other companies are not equipped with what it takes to perform a professionally conducted farm and ranch sale.

7. WE DO NOT DO “HALF PRICE” !!! If you are using a company who sells everything for half price on the last day of your estate sale, you are using an antiquated service who is not in touch with today’s market.

We are constantly expanding our database and widening our resources to conduct the most profitable and professional estate sales.

If the price is so high that an item must be sold at half price on the second day of the estate sale, the proper research was not completed to begin with. Knowledge and research are necessary in setting fair prices for estate sales. Pricing will be made with our expertise, research and consideration of the condition and current market value of your inventory.

Do you want your family’s items sold at half price? Of course Not!

1. TIME – it can take a considerable amount of time to  organize a successful estate sale, depending on it’s size.
2. PRICING – a wide range of knowledge will be needed to price antiques, art, collectibles, and every day household items.
3. EQUIPMENT – locked display cases, display shelving, tables and covers, professional street signs, etc.
4. EXPERIENCE – knowledge of how to run a successful estate sale such as placing ads, times and days to hold the sale.
5. ENERGY – moving furniture, packing and unpacking boxes, arranging and pricing of items.
6. SELLING – being comfortable and knowledgeable negotiating with dealers, strangers, even neighbors and family.
7. DETACHMENT – selling family heirlooms and memories can be very difficult.

As Featured in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Biz Briefcase

February 11, 2016

A Grand Junction estate sale business that takes pride in the extensive professional training it provides its staff recently welcomed a newcomer to the estate sale sector by announcing the two businesses are now associated.

Late last year, Jim and Colleen Wilson opened a brick-and-mortar location for Wilson Estate Sales and Liquidation at 2401 North Ave.

Mark Bluhm, owner of Reliable Estate Sales, said he encouraged Wilson to open the store in part because the affiliation expands the universe of buyers and sellers for the clients of both business owners.

Wilson Estate Sales offers a wide selection of inventory across a 4,000-square-foot warehouse. Much of it consists of items left unsold after estate sales organized by Bluhm, who does not maintain a retail storefront. Antiques, couches, chairs, lamps, tools, and fine art, are all on sale at Wilson’s.

“With an estate sale service you have control over the asking price of your items,” Bluhm said. “Coming from a family of auctioneers, vendors and antique dealers, I’ve seen time and time again where items of great value fall through the cracks — that’s why you see so many dealers at auctions.”

Reliable Estate Sales takes the time needed to evaluate every item and to make sure it is priced fairly, he said. His is the only company in Colorado to be listed among the elite dealers registered with It is certified by the American Society of Estate Liquidators, Bluhm said.

March 19, 2015

Reliable only accredited service for 500 miles

Reliable Estate Sales is the only accredited member of the American Society of Estate Liquidators within a 500-mile radius of Grand Junction, the local firm announced.

The American Society is the only nationally recognized professional organization for estate sale professionals. Accreditation means Reliable has completed training and abides by a nationally recognized code of ethics when providing its services, according to the society’s website.

Unlike an auction, an estate sale gives owners control over the asking price of the items to be sold.

“Coming from a family of auctioneers, vendors and antique dealers, I’ve seen time and time again where items of great value fall through the cracks at a auction and sell way too cheap,” owner Mark Bluhm said in a news release.

Using an accredited estate sale service means sellers have a credible representative “who will treat every sale with care, respect and compassion for the family,” Bluhm said. “There are no two estate sales with the same circumstances and we understand that and take that in consideration when setting up and conducting the estate sale.”

Call 260-2327 or email for more information.

Service Areas

Reliable Estate Sales is the Premier Estate Sale Service & Farm and Ranch Sale Service in Western Colorado & Eastern Utah.

We proudly serve our neighbors throughout Western Colorado & Eastern Utah, including the following communities:

Grand Junction, CO
Delta, CO
Montrose, CO
Glenwood Springs, CO
Carbondale, CO

Aspen, CO
Telluride, CO
Hotchkiss, CO
Cedaredge, CO
Rifle, CO

Estate Sales in Grand Junction CO

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