FAQ for Buyers

We are now offering our customers the option to purchase items online!  Certain items will be listed on our website after 10:00 a.m. of the first day of the sale.  Many of the items listed will be: cars, trucks, tractors and farm equipment, art , antiques and larger tools. There will be a link which will take you to PayPal so you can pay for your item(s) or make a deposit on a vehicle. You also can call or text to make an offer or get more information on the items available online during the sale.

You will see this option with a lot of our larger sales, especially on our nationally advertised Farm and Ranch Sales.  I will have one of my contracted staff members monitoring the website
and answering phone calls with a phone number that will be posted on the buy online page during the sale.  We are very excited about this new option and know it will be a great tool for buyers and sellers alike! 
  • PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS to the sale (even if you can carry them).
  • Children are always welcome at our sales. A lot of our sales have glassware and breakables, so we ask that you please watch the smaller children while shopping.
  • We DO NOT disclose selling or asking prices before the sale.
  • If you have been to our sales before you know our prices are reasonable and base on condition and current market prices.
  • No early sales or previews.
  • We accept cash, local checks, credit and debit cards for purchases over $100.00
  • We must collect sales tax on all items including farm equipment.
  • (Sales Tax is not collected on Farm equipment only when it is a court ordered farm dispersal)
  • When purchasing cars and trucks, you will pay sales tax when you register the vehicle.
  • What happens to the items leftover?  I’m asked this several times at every sale. It varies from sale to sale. Sometimes items are donated. Sometimes a buy out bid is made by a dealer or private individual. If you are interested in making a buy out bid, talk to Mark on the last day of sale.