Estate Sale Services

With decades of combined experience, myself and my contracted staff are very knowledgeable in current market values of  any and every thing that needs sold.

Including vehicles (vintage or new), RVs, farm equipment, antiques, electronics, furniture, musical  instruments, household items. Call us first!

Why a estate sale verse auction? Control! With an estate sale service you have control over the asking price of your items!  Coming from a family of auctioneers, vendors and antique dealers I’ve seen time and time again where items of great value fall through the cracks at a auction and sell way too cheap. (that’s why you see so many dealers at auctions).

Have you ever been to a auction and towards the end the auctioneer starts selling items by the box full!! You don’t have that at an estate sale. Time is taken to  evaluate every item and to make sure it is priced fairly.

We treat every sale with care, respect and compassion for the family.  There are no two sales with the same circumstances and we understand that and take that in consideration when setting up and  conducting the sale.

The passing of a loved one is rarely a planned event and can be overwhelming.  When the emotions are high, energy is low- and time with family is precious.  Unfortunately, these circumstances often require ordinary people to take on the extraordinary challenge of liquidating family belongings during one of the most critical times in their lives – upon the death or illness of a loved one, or in the midst of a stressful relocation or family downsizing.

Many people have no idea what treasures exist in their own homes, nor do they know how to effectively and appropriately handle liquidating them.  Everyday people every day throw away valuable possessions because they do not know their true value.  We can help in your time of need.  Many Western Slope References available.

Reliable Estate Sale Service

Mark  Bluhm
(970) 260-2327

1. TIME – it can take a considerable amount of time to organize a successful sale, depending on it’s size.

2. PRICING – a wide range of knowledge will be needed to price antiques, art, collectibles, and every day household items.

3. EQUIPMENT – locked display cases, display shelving, tables and covers, professional street signs, etc.

4. EXPERIENCE – knowledge of how to run a successful estate sale such as placing ads, times and days to hold the sale.

5. ENERGY – moving furniture, packing and unpacking boxes, arranging and pricing of items.

6. SELLING – being comfortable and knowledgeable negotiating with dealers, strangers, even neighbors and family.

7. DETACHMENT – selling family heirlooms and memories can be very difficult.