FAQ's for Buyers

Note some of these may be temporary. We now have a separate entrance and exit. Controlled entrance is the new normal and we will abide by that making sure we ALL stay safe. No more coffee and donuts. But we will have a cooler of bottled water. Hand washing/sanitizing station.(Try some of Mark’s homemade Gasoline based hand Sanitizer…It’s the best!) We would really like to see everyone where a mask for now and we thank you.

We have plenty of room and realize Estate sales and auctions can be a time for socializing or running into a friend that you have not seen for a while. (Specially with our recent stay at home quarantine) The back lot will be open,so move out of the general shopping area and have a visit, We’re fine with that and it’s part of what makes sales fun.(I’ll try to get some shade and maybe a old truck or tractor to lean on.?? Some sort of a social distancing barrier,lol)

Some old stuff that’s has not changed much:
We’re not a retail store and are only open during advertised sales! Please call for questions or consultation. Please don’t stop by our facility when we’re not having a sale. All items purchased must be removed day of sale. Come prepared please. We never open early or stay open pass the advertised time of our sales. We don’t have a public restroom. There’s a convenience store at 25 Road and Patterson. Do not block west gate. We do not have public wi-fi but we do have a amazingly fast 5G Charter hotspot. You will need a Charter account and the app to use that. We will continue to have two cashiers (no long lines). Do not put anything on a sold table unless you intend to buy it for the marked price. Everything is sold as-is. No refunds.

We don’t have half price day. Never have never will. That is a yard sale practice or maybe more along the lines of a antiquated service that’s not in touch with today’s marketplace or Technology. We do our research and price at fair Estate sale prices. Proceeds for families are needed now more than ever. No price haggling with cashiers at check out.

Feel free to all me if you have any questions.

Mark Bluhm AEL,CPE
Reliable Estate Sales

  1. We accept cash, credit and debit cards over $50. (3%charge)  and good local checks with identification.
  2. Please DO NOT put items in your basket or on sold table unless you plan on buying it! When a item sits on the sold table for let’s say 45 minutes and then when you check out you decide you don’t want it after all, we have potentially lost a sale from someone who wanted to buy the said item has come and gone from the sale. It’s not fair to the estate or us.
  3. Discounts: On our 2 day sales discounts are from 11-1 on Saturday.  We do not have a fire sales with everything at 50% off.  We put a lot of time into the front end  and set up of our sales. Pricing at fair “estate sale” prices. Some items may be discounted from 20% up to 40%. Some items are not discounted at all.
  4. Please be aware we are conducting a estate sale NOT a yard sale! Families and individuals who are often trying to pay final expenses. Now days, between reverse mortgages, medical bills, credit card debt and funeral expenses, the proceeds from the sale are important to the families.
  5. We do not have public restrooms at our facility nor allow use of restrooms at our on site sales. We provide port-a-potties and a hand washing stations at our farm and ranch sales.
  6. Shoplifters will be prosecuted! We have video surveillance.
  7. Sales tax will be charged on everything except titled vehicles. If you have a resale sales tax license bring it with you. We need to make a copy of it and put you on our list of resale dealers that will be kept at the check out.
  8. Our facility is wheelchair and walker friendly, but we suggest that you come after the initial crowd on opening day. Onsite sales are often not wheelchair accessible.


  • PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS to the sale (even if you can carry them).
  • Children are always welcome at our sales. A lot of our sales have glassware and breakables, so we ask that you please watch the smaller children while shopping.
  • We DO NOT disclose selling or asking prices before the sale.
  • If you have been to our sales before you know our prices are reasonable and base on condition and current market prices.
  • No early sales or previews.
  • We accept cash, local checks, credit and debit cards for purchases over $100.00
  • We must collect sales tax on all items including farm equipment.
  • (Sales Tax is not collected on Farm equipment only when it is a court ordered farm dispersal)
  • When purchasing cars and trucks, you will pay sales tax when you register the vehicle.