FAQ's for Clients

Q. We live in another state. Do we need to be at the home during set up and the conducting of the sale?

A. No, we are a service that can do it all start to finish without you being present, and we can leave the home empty and broom-swept.

Q. We have the contents of a complete home in storage, Can you help with a situation like ours?

A. Yes! We have a large moving truck and a place to conduct the set up and sale.

Q. Can you perform a on site sale at my parents ranch, it’s been vacant for over a year and the water is shut off?

A. Yes we sure can. We are completely mobile with a self contained RV and trailer full of everything it takes to conduct a successful sale.

Q. Can you sell cars and trucks and other larger equipment we have? (some are not running)

A. Yes we can and do often. We also will take the time to clean and get it in running condition (when possible). A running vehicle or equipment can bring triple the money verses one that not!.